Who Are We

We are a real estate agency working hard to assist you in the mortgage application and real estate purchase processes. We provide services in English for those who are looking to buy properties in Japan but struggle to read and write Japanese. 

We offer services such as accompanying you to the government office and financial institutions, and helping you prepare documentations. English interpretation is available for all our clients at any time.

Real estate purchase is a major life decision, yet the process may be complicated and irritable at times. But don’t worry, we will remain by your side and help you walk through the long process of buying your desired property. We hope that you have a great real estate purchase experience with us. 


Why we started this business

Being in a country where you can’t properly communicate with its people is hard. The co-founder and CEO of Hanabusa, Eisuke Kiuchi, once had this experience of being left out and discriminated against when he studied abroad in Canada. Furthermore, buying properties in Japan requires filling out documents that are in Japanese. This creates obstacles for foreigners wishing to buy houses as they cannot fully understand the numerous details of the forms and the terminologies regarding real estate.

This is why Hanabusa exists, to help foreigners buy properties in Japan without worrying about language barriers. At Hanabusa, we can communicate with you in clear English with no problem. We will always be right by your side and assist you all the way from choosing a property to moving into your new house.



Hanabusa is neither a broker of rental apartments for clients nor a company that lends money to clients. Hanabusa offers services to those who want to settle in Japan with real estate of their own or those who live overseas but wish to purchase real estate in Japan. 


Our agents and interpreters help you purchase real estate in Japan.
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My name is Keita. Please call me Kei. I’m looking forward to seeing anyone who would like to favour Hanabusa. I’d like to help someone...
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I’m 47 years. I don’t have so many experiences in real estate industry.But, I would like to help anyone who will buy fascinating house...
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I know what it’s like to live overseas since I’ve lived in the U.S., England, and Malaysia for a total of 10 years. Being exposed to different nor...
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I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan and I also have lived in California and France for 15 years. As a national interpreter guide qualification h...
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I’m 52 years old. I have been doing mortgage brokerage business for 20 years. Please contact us anyway through a contact form if you have any...
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Hi, I’m Katsumi. Let me introduce myself here. I was born and raised in Tokyo. I’m currently living in Tokyo. I used to work at Japane...
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