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Hanabusa (Kiuchi Style Home)’ s Privacy Policy

Kiuchi Style Home Co., Ltd(the “Company”) regards the protection of personal information and the appropriate management of it as an important social duty. We at Kiuchi Style Home Co., Ltd. establish the following privacy policy and are committed to handling such information with the greatest of care.



We make every effort to appropriately handle and to safely and reliably manage the protection of personal information and anonymously processed information (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Personal Information, etc.”), complying with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, all other applicable laws and ordinances, and all related in-house regulations.


We acquire our customer’s personal information through appropriate and legitimate means within the necessary scope of our specific work. We shall not use such personal information beyond the scope of said work without the consent of the persons involved or unless otherwise provided for in the laws and regulations.


Personal Information, etc. obtained from our customers shall be used only for the specific purposes described below once we obtain the person’s consent or unless otherwise provided for in the laws and regulations.

  1. For Real Estate Sales/Purchases brokerage services
    [Case of providing real estate information to a third party (such as advertisement).]

    • 1-(1) Real estate information to be advertised shall be about property types, location, price, local transportation, land and building sizes, room layouts, equipment, photos, location maps, etc. However, personal information, such as individual names, will not be included.
    • 1-(2) Real estate information shall be provided to the other party of a real estate contract or a person who desires to sell/buy real estate; either directly through registration to the Real Estate Information Network System(REINS), advertising media such as a website page, (own company website or other websites offering real estate information), real estate information journals, leaflets, newspapers, direct mail; or indirectly through the other real estate agencies (including the advertisement made by other real estate brokers with our consent).
    • 1-(3) In the event that an agreement is concluded, a report containing the concluded date, price, etc.) shall be made to the advertising media for cancellation of the advertisement immediately after the agreement is concluded. Information concerning the agreement conclusion shall be calculated, processed or analyzed by REINS and/or private advertisers and shall be used as the data, etc. for price assessment upon other transactions.
  2. Price assessment related to real estate sales and purchases.
    • 3-(1) When using information upon the conclusion of an agreement provided by REINS and/or private advertisers (information only on real estate property, but individual names, etc. shall not be included), and when making an assessment for the price of real estate property (prices for sale ).
    • 3-(2) It may be provided as “the basis of opinion” to show the price for real estate property (price for sale). However in this case, it shall be provided after trying various measures to keep out private information.
    • 3-(3) The details of the information upon the conclusion of an agreement to be provided are the property summaries (property types, location, prices, transportation, size of land and building, room layouts, equipment, etc.). However, individual names, etc. are not to be included. The aforementioned information shall be provided by electronic data, documents or on a PC monitor screen.
  3. Consulting and support services for foreigners living in Japan.
  4. To use personal information within the necessary bounds concerning each business described in the above sub-number 1-3 such as after-sales service, information service, and customer development (for Direct Mail, etc.)
  5. To provide the information to a third party within the necessary bounds required to accomplish the above mentioned (1-3) business purposes.
    • The parties who will be receiving may be as follows: the other party or a person who desires to be of the agreement, other real estate dealers, distributors of real estate information, the Real Estate Information Network System (REINS), financial institutes for financing, judicial scriveners, land and house investigators, lawyers, property insurance companies, clients for price assessment, property insurance agencies, ,notary public offices, substitute staffing agencies, transportation companies, embassies of countries where the property is located in case of the above sub-number 4, the third parties who obtained consent from the said person, etc.
    • Information to be provided shall meet the minimum requirements to accomplish the above mentioned purposes, such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, property information and information on the conclusion of an agreement, etc.
    • Information shall be provided through various methods such as documents, telephone, E-mail, Internet, advertising media and so forth.


We may use Personal Information, etc. that is acquired through appropriate means from the Real Property Registry, the Commercial Registry, public sectional maps, corporate information magazines, the Basic Resident Register, the Certificate of valuation of fixed assets, telephone directories, and other sources of such information that are already disclosed or sold in order to achieve the Purpose of Use described in the preceding article.


  • – When we create or provide anonymously processed information, we shall announce on our website necessary matters according to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, all other applicable laws and ordinances, and all related in-house regulations. In addition, in the event of handling anonymously processed information, we shall take appropriate and necessary measures according to the Security Control Measures to protect Personal Information.
  • – We shall not acquire “personal information with careful consideration” prescribed by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information without the person’s consent unless otherwise provided for in the laws and regulations. In addition, we shall not apply opt-out (the special case to provide personal information to a third party without obtaining the prior consent of the person) to the said personal information without careful consideration.
  • – We shall not acquire, use, or provide sensitive personal information (SPI) to third parties in accordance with the Guidelines for Personal Information Protection in the Financial Field unless otherwise deemed appropriate or necessary.


We shall not disclose or provide personal data about our customer to a third party without obtaining the person’s consent beforehand unless otherwise provided for in the laws and regulations. We shall voluntarily discontinue the use of our retained personal data when there is a request from the person to do so.


We shall carry out thorough control of personal information that we acquire from our customer as follows:

  1. To ensure accuracy of personal information
    We shall keep our customer’s personal information accurate and current.
  2. Security control measures
    Regarding systematic security control measures of the customer’s personal information, we have a company rule established for a strict information handling and carry out careful handling based on it.
  3. Supervision of our employees
    We strictly enforce rules for handling our customer’s personal information in accordance with our in-house regulations.
  4. Supervision of Contractors
    When it is necessary for us to assign the handling of our retained personal information to outsourcing contractors, we shall select contractors who satisfy the required conditions in accordance with our in-house regulations, and supervise them accordingly.
  5. Preservation period and disposal
    We establish the period of preservation for personal information acquired from our customers, and dispose of it after the preservation period has ended. We will also dispose of it immediately if within the preservation period it becomes unneeded.


For questions, inquiries, and complaints about our handling of the Personal Information, etc., please contact to the following person in charge:

Person in Charge of Inquiries, etc.

Kiuchi Style Home Co., Ltd

ATTN: Person in charge of personal information

Phone:0478-70-1068, E-mail:

Reception time :9:00~18:00

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